Stretch Marks Removal

Everyone prefers to be attractive and try to bring out their best traits all the time. So in this age of selfies and Instagram looking beautiful is very important for some people. Their entire career may be based on that. Although there can be some things that lessen your confidence and can place hurdles in your way. Such features can include stretch marks on different parts of the body. You obviously want to look flawless and radiant, and if that is the case, then laser stretch mark removal is the best solution for you.

What is Laser Stretch Marks Reduction and Treatment?

Laser stretch marks removal is the process of removing striae through laser resurfacing. The outer layer of the skin is removed, which helps in reforming the extra skin. The concentrated laser beams are used, which makes the skin grow faster. This laser technique is a contemporary and non-surgical process, and it effectively reduces the stretch marks on arms, breasts, back, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Stretch marks appear on the bodies of a lot of people, but if you have the option to get rid of them, then you should avail it. The treatment is very simple and painless. It takes only a few sessions for the marks to go away, and the result is very smooth and clear skin.

You can also try out stretch marks removal cream. 

What Do the Stretch Marks Look Like?

Stretch marks generally appear as clusters of lines on your skin. They are prominent because of the difference in colour like purple to light pink or gray and difference in texture as compared to the normal skin. Rarely, they may be sore or may itch.

What Are The Causes

Stretch marks occur with an increase of cortisone in your system. It leads to stretching of the skin, and it stays there, which forms a stretch mark. Cortisone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands. Although it is present in both males and females, production in high amounts causes your skin to lose its elasticity. Stretch marks commonly occur in females during their pregnancy. Prompt changes in weight also result in the occurrence of stretch marks. Using beauty products or medication that has high corticosteroid can also cause stretch marks as the skin loses its flexibility. Some health problems may also be responsible for an imbalance in the cortisone level of the body.

Who is a Laser Stretch Marks Treatment Candidate?

Conventionally, laser stretch mark removal treatment is helpful to both men and women who are willing to remove the stretch marks present on their bodies. A Good candidate should always choose the non-surgical, painless, and quick treatment and should have realistic expectations about the results as well. Individuals with darker skin tone may not always be compatible with this treatment as it does not affect their skin as much as it does to other candidates. But the modern laser technology has developed an effective and secure treatment for stretch marks of individuals with dark skin tone. This may take a little more time than usual.


There are a number of benefits which include;



There are no permanent risks of laser stretch mark removal treatment; however, few side effects may occur, which will go away on their own or with the help of tropical medication. These side effects include:

How Long Does a Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment Take?

The appearance of treatment results may vary from person to person based on skin type and skin tone. For candidates with lighter skin tone, the results appear after two to three sessions. However, the candidates with a darker skin tone can see the results after five to six sessions. Each treatment session takes 45 to 60 minutes, and the gap between two consecutive sessions is from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. One can resume the daily activities a few hours after the treatment session is held.

Non-Surgical Laser Stretch
Marks Removal Alternatives

The most common and conventional way of removing stretch marks with promising results was to go through painful surgeries until other non-surgical and less painful alternatives were developed. However, the aforementioned laser stretch mark removal treatment is the most modern, painless, and most promising non-surgical alternate. Other alternatives are also present. They include;


The price for laser stretch mark removal treatment is around $ 750 to $800 CAD for each session. There are three session packages ranging from $2000 to $2200 CAD and six-session packages ranging from $2800 to $3000 CAD. So depending on the number of sessions, the price can be calculated accordingly. The consultation for this treatment is free.


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