Reduce your acne scarring with our top of the range skin treatments

Acne scars can really get you down. Even once the years of suffering acne are long gone, the scars it leaves behind can still look angry and red and can give the skin an uneven texture.

Our qualified therapists are fully trained in giving skin smoothing treatments and can give you the smoother, clearer skin that you deserve. There are many ways we can treat your acne scars, including fractional laser, eMatrix, derma rolling and chemical peels. We’ll also be realistic about your results too, as no treatment will ever completely remove all acne scarring. But we can make a huge difference to your skin, and your confidence.

Fractional laser for acne scars

Fractional laser is a form of non-ablative laser treatment. This means that the treatment doesn’t fire lasers at the skin to remove the top few layers. Instead it treats the skin deeper down, heating it up to treat the damage caused by acne scarring. It results in smoother, rejuvenated and plumper skin, with less noticeable scars. Like with most acne scarring treatments, how many sessions of fractional laser you’ll need, depends on your skin type and level of scarring. Our experts will be able to advise you. Fractional laser is the quickest route to smoother skin.

eMatrix for acne scarring

Unlike fractional laser, eMatrix doesn’t use a laser to treat the skin although it produces similar results. It uses radio waves to penetrate deep into the skin, boosting collagen production. Collagen is like a ‘framework’ for our skin to sit on. The more collage there is, the plumper the skin and the less visible any acne scarring will be.

Derma rolling for smoother skin

Derma rolling sessions involve your therapist rolling a titanium roller over your skin. This roller contains thousands of micro needles which create thousands of tiny holes in the skin. These holes kick start the natural wound healing and skin rejuvenation processes, which result in smoother skin and less noticeable acne scarring.

Chemical peels for acne scars

Chemical skin peels make use of products containing acids and enzymes that seriously exfoliate the skin, more than any exfoliator you’d use at home. As the top few layers of skin cells are shed, the skin underneath is fresher and smoother, and less likely to be affected by acne scarring. Facial peels such as these are a slower route to smoother skin, but suit many people.

Book in with our skin experts to see which acne scarring treatment is best for you.


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