PRP – the anti-aging facial everyone is talking about!

We’ve all seen the pictures of our favourite sister, Kim K, after her so-called vampire facial. We were shocked at how red her face was, but secretly we all wondered deep down how it felt and we were wowed by the results.

And now the vampire, or Dracula, facial is available to all of us. Officially known as the PRP facial, or Platelet Rich Plasma facial, the technology comes from the medical world. PRP therapy was originally used in heart surgery and to treat burns victims, so despite it being fairly new in the beauty industry, it’s a well-researched method. It’s also used to help athletes recover from injury. Tennis ace Rafael Nadal is said to have had PRP treatment for an injured knee.

So, what exactly is PRP?

Plasma is a component of our blood, and it is rich in platelets which are responsible for blood clotting. Plasma is also a rich source of growth factors, which along with platelets, allow our natural healing processes to occur.

And how does PRP work?

When you come into our salon, our qualified experts will take a sample of your blood, just like you’d have at your doctor’s office. We’ll then spin the sample down in a centrifuge for a few minutes. This spinning separates all the components of the blood so that we can remove the fluid part, which is the enriched plasma and concentrated platelets.

We then reintroduce this PRP into your skin, using a small, sterilized needle. We’ll concentrate on areas of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. We don’t go very deep, only a few layers and although you’ll feel some mild discomfort, it’s well worth it! The whole treatment will last around 30-45 minutes and it can be performed on any skin type.

Afterwards, you’ll have some slight bruising and swelling, as you’d expect. You might see some small scratches form too, but everything will settle down within a few days. We advise that you relax at home on the day of your treatment if you feel you need to, but then you’re free to go about your normal life. And because we’ve used your own plasma, there’s no risk of an allergic reaction.

It’s recommended that you have three sessions, four weeks apart, then one a year as to maintain your gorgeous young looking new skin.
Your skin will be gorgeous and rejuvenated and you’ll feel a million dollars. Book your PRP facial with us today!


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