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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]Paradise Laser Botox is expanding! Not just a few stores here and there but a comprehensive expansion plan to develop our national presence throughout Canada as well as international markets. We are confident of our continuing success in this goal to grow our brand and we want to share this achievement with the best owner-operators – like you!

Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity and become a franchisee in our dynamic expansion plans. We offer a turnkey franchise set-up – our management team looks after everything you will need to begin operations, including:

We believe that our franchisees play a vital role in representing our Paradise Botox Laser brand in the eyes and minds of our customers. By ensuring your success, we will grow together in building our brand – in other words, when you succeed, we succeed.

Are You Ready to Join Our Family?

Our Paradise Laser Botox franchisees are thoughtfully selected to ensure that we have the right people in place to move our brand forward. Take this self-test to see if you qualify:

  1. Are you a self-motivated individual?
  2. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?
  3. Are you prepared to be your own boss?
  4. Are you committed to your future success?
  5. Do you have a passion for customer service?
  6. Do you have the financial capability to be a Paradise Laser Botox owner-operator?

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