Lipolysis Injection

Self-doubt can take a toll on anyone regardless of their age or gender. Gaining a little extra weight can sometimes make a person lose all of their self-confidence. It can feel like no matter how many diet plans you follow, you can not get rid of fat from the areas you want. Some people even turn to starvation, which causes them to face health risks and become weak with time. That is not a suitable option for anyone. 

Lipolysis injections are a procedure to target specific fat cells in the body. It is the ultimate way of redefining the appearance of your body without an extensive surgical procedure.

What are the Best Procedures to be Paired with Injection Lipolysis?

Mesotherapy, Emsculpt,  is another form of fat reduction that can be paired with Lipolysis. It uses external or artificially administered substances and naturally occurring agents such as phosphatidylcholine (PPC), which is found in cell membranes. Mesotherapy is used to reduce fat or adipose tissue beneath the skin known as fat cells. People are interested in the treatment of Lipolysis and Mesotherapy, mainly because you do not have to undergo any risky surgeries. That only seems fair given that surgeries can leave permanent scarring and are simply more unpleasant.

Doctors suggest doing a combination of treatments such as ultherapy and thermage to attain better results. Since there are many options available these days, the selection might sometimes be overwhelming. Some treatments that you can do paired with Lipolysis are cryoablation, laser therapy, liposuction, radiofrequency or even ultrasounds. 

What are Good Candidates for This and How Would They Benefit From This?

Anyone can make a perfect candidate for a procedure whose main purpose is to have you feeling better in your own skin. It is no one’s fault how their body deals with the consumption of fats. However, there are some ideal cases for the process of Lipolysis. The first factor is that the person is healthy and has a normal body weight. Normal Bodyweight means that this is not a cure for obesity. The main purpose of Lipolysis is to target small areas of the body that are resistant to change, no matter how much of your diet plan you alter or the different exercises you try. Examples of these specific areas are the face and jaw, back (bra rolls), submental, upper arms, abdomen, flanks, thighs, knee region, and calves.

Moreover, candidates who should refrain from this procedure are women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because of its side effects. Another important factor is the general knowledge of the procedure, its side effects, how it works and just a thorough understanding of what they are signing up for, especially being certain of their procedure. The ideal candidate should be aware of which problematic area they want to target and go into the procedure with a clear mindset of what they can expect.

People can benefit from a procedure like a lipolysis injection because it is a non-surgical method of eliminating unwanted areas of fat. It also does not have a long recovery time, and one would not need several days or weeks of bed rest. Areas like saddlebags, paunchy stomachs, and double chins can be dealt with directly with Lipolysis without any hassle.

How to Prepare for Procedures and What to Expect from it?

Doing your research on what Lipolysis is, acts as the first step. Even though your doctor will guide you of any precautions that you should take before your lipolysis procedure, It is better to be a little more prepared when you go in for your first visit. Your doctors might ask you to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinners at least two weeks before the procedure. Alongside this, they might ask you to stay clear of any products or activities that might irritate the area that is to undergo the procedure, such as shaving or even tanning. 

It is greatly encouraged that patients make sure they are fully honest with your doctor(s) about any pre-existing infections, health conditions, or medications you take. Honesty is crucial because this might affect how your healing process will work.

The procedure is pretty much out of your control. It takes about an hour, and the doctor might recommend that you stay up for all of it. This procedure can take a minimum of 3-6 sessions. Even though in most cases, 1 to 3 sessions show visible results and are enough. To make your desired results last longer and the healing process be faster, it is recommended to have this procedure paired with one of the few fat reducing treatments mentioned earlier, such as liposuction. 

As far as side effects are concerned, don’t expect anything too severe. There might be minor bleeding, swelling or bruising in the area for a few hours after the procedure. However, you can almost continue doing all your everyday tasks right after the treatment. 

What about Results?

Results vary from person to person when it comes to lipolysis injections. Lipolysis is not a substitution for liposuction where large sums of fat are surgically removed. 80% of the patients are happy with their results after a minimum of 3 sessions. Sometimes other external factors can become part of Lipolysis and interfere, such as continuing a heavy fat diet and lack of exercising. Lack of care can also become a huge problem with how long the results last. If you continue an unhealthy lifestyle after the procedure, the results of lipolysis injections will gradually decrease.

What are the Types of Lipolysis Injections and Alternatives Options?

There are many different types of lipolysis injections, depending on which specific area you want excessive fat reduced. The chemical called deoxycholic acid is used for the double chin treatment, and one other commonly used type of injection is Kybella. 

Liposuction, warm or cold sculpting or radiofrequency procedures such as Vanquish are good alternatives for fat removal.

The results might not be forever, but they allow people to have a fresh start to maintain your body. Self-care could even make the lipolysis results last longer than you anticipated.


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