Laser hair removal

In today’s life, it is really important for every individual to practice what is safe and bring the best out of them. Sometimes people glancing at your imperfections is all it takes to shatter your confidence, just a peek at your unwanted facial or body hair. One may use tweezers, thread, waxing, shaving for other painful methods to get rid of the patches of unwanted hair, but none of those is a long term solution, and the hair would keep returning. However, if you are ready to let go of the conventional ways and find long term freedom from unwanted hair, then Laser Hair Removal is exactly what you need.

Why Do You Have Unwanted Hair?

Every individual has a different body type and different hormone levels from others around you. These days unwanted hair growth is very common, especially in women due to multiple reasons. One of which may be higher than the essential levels of androgen. Androgen is the hormone responsible for the development of male traits. Although not in high quantities, this hormone is also present in women. The excessive production of androgen may be due to the use of drugs like steroids, hormonal imbalance, or medical background. This leads to hirsutism, which is the technical term for the growth of hair in unwanted parts of the body.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment in which a concentrated laser beam is used to eliminate unwanted hair. The concentrated laser beam targets the deep hair follicles which produce the hair. The hair follicles are tube-like pouches. When the concentrated beam hits them, they absorb the heat from it, which damages them and delays the hair growth for a very long time or permanently. However, permanent removal of hair is not done in just one sitting; it takes multiple sessions to remove 80% to 90% of the targeted hair. Once the whole procedure is completed, very rare maintenance treatment sessions are needed after that to keep any minor growth of hair from reoccurring.

Modern Laser Technology Is much Less Painful

Initially, laser hair removal was very painful and uncomfortable, but modern technology has made it safe, less irritating and much more reliable. Although the use of technology or laser may differ for different skin types. The safest for dark skin types is the Nd: YAG laser treatment as it easily burns the dark follicles while alexandrite laser or diode laser gives the best results on fair skins and people with blond or red hair.

Things to Avoid During the Process

Risks and Side Effects You Can Expect

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

One session of laser hair removal treatment can cost a minimum of $60 CAD to a maximum of $400 CAD. This price may differ from one service provider to another based on the level of expertise or the type of service they provide. It may also vary depending on which area of the body and hair type is to be treated for laser hair removal. As it may need a maximum of six sessions in normal conditions and for some people, it may take a little more than that, one should make up his mind that it is not a cheap process, but anything that can make you lose your unwanted hair permanently is worth it.

Looking on the brighter side, you can realize that this treatment will save you from countless trips to the salons, a huge amount of time wastage and painful temporary escapes from unwanted hair. 


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