Hair Loss Treatment

Hair is one of the most important things to anyone, be it a man, woman or child. It can be the single factor that makes or breaks a person’s self-esteem. It is perchance one of the things that makes a person more or less attractive to you. Sure enough, hair loss can cause great distress. 

But in order to treat hair loss, understanding what causes it holds the utmost importance.

Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss. Some may be controllable and easy to fix like your diet or the hair product you use, while others may be more difficult to counter like a genetic condition or a hormone imbalance. Some of the most common causes of hair loss can be:

The cause isn’t completely identifiable, but doctors know there is a link between your blood sugar and hair loss. They can guess so far that the spike in blood sugar makes the hair follicle sensitive and thus falls out. 

Hormones can be another factor that is out of your control to a certain degree. Unbalanced hormones can cause massive amounts of hair loss, and most of the time, you have no clue that is the reason why.

This certainly does not mean that our water is poisoned. It’s still safe to drink. For some men, though, the fluoride in tap water causes them to develop a hyperthyroidism condition, which can cause hair loss.

Types of Hair Loss Restoration and Treatment Options

There are many different types of hair loss; if we explained them all here, it could take a while. Instead, let’s discuss the most common types and what treatment options are available.

Hair loss is genetic and runs in the family.

The gradual thinning of hair that comes naturally with age.

An autoimmune disease where the immune system accidentally attacks the hair follicle.

If you have one of these conditions, all hope is not lost, there are two types of routes you can take for treatment.

The non-surgical route can’t do much for you in the later stages of hair loss or if you have progressive hair loss. However, if you catch it early enough, many medications can help and improve hair loss. Some examples of hair loss medication are Minoxidil and Finasteride. No medication should be taken on your own, though, consult your doctor for a proper treatment plan.

The surgical route can treat most hair loss types and is reasonably what most people end up opting for.Laser therapy is one of these options; it shoots a low-level laser at the bald patches, which has been known to improve hair growth.

The second is a hair transplant surgery where hair from an area is extracted, called the donor strip, and inserted into the area where hair doesn’t naturally occur. This is a traditional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). The procedure does take longer to heal from and leaves a linear scar on the donor area.

A newer and more technologically advanced method is Follicle Unit Excision or FUE. In this procedure, individual hair is taken out of the donor area. This can be done manually or by using a surgical tool. Instead of extracting the whole strip of skin and leaving a large scar, this would leave barely noticeable dot-like scars over the donor area.

How long does it take before seeing results, and what is the process like?

The hair transplant process can be a little intense. It usually takes about 4 to 8 hours. You should keep your entire day free to be on the safe side. Just to keep your entire day free. However, if you have extensive hair loss, you might need to come for a couple of visits. The patient is also awake during this treatment. They do give you local anesthesia, so there is nothing to be scared of, you cannot feel a thing.

After the treatment is over, it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 8 months for the results to be fully seen. For some people, it might even take up to 12 months. But before new hair comes, around 2-3 weeks after the transplant, the transplanted hair will fall out, that is natural, and sometimes the hair looks thinner than it did before. It will take a while for the hair to grow out and become fuller again, so it is important to stay calm and collected through the entire process.

What Are Activities to Avoid while Receiving treatments?

The first 24 hours after your surgery are crucial, all unnecessary physical activity should be avoided at all costs. Resting up and building your strength is essential. In addition to this, make sure not to wash your hair for the first 48 hours after surgery.

After the third day, you can begin walking and any light activity, but be sure not to overexert yourself. Don’t try lifting weights or anything else that might cause strain.

After the first week, most people can return to their daily activities like going to work, light workouts and any other hobby that you may have. Just be careful about the suture line where the donor’s hair was taken from in a FUT and make sure it is protected and covered.

After about a month, you can return to your normal life and do anything that you could do before the surgery, freely. 

What makes me a good candidate for hair loss treatments?

There are a few factors that make you more or less suitable for hair transplant surgery. These can differ from person to person, so consult your doctor about whether you are suitable. Ideally, you should be between the age of 25-65 before that age the hair hasn’t developed fully, and hair after that is generally too thin to transplant. Again, this is general, and every person is unique, and it may work for you. 

The second thing to note is that you need to be healthy, hair transplant is still a surgery, and you need to recover and heal from the incision made. Other things that may affect if you are a good candidate could be your hair type, what type of hair loss you have, and even its classification. So it is advisable to have a thorough discussion with your doctor to decide if hair transplant is a viable option.

In conclusion, hair transplant can most probably be a solution to your worries regardless of the type of hair loss you have as long as you are healthy and take care of all the precautions. There have been many advancements in technology. It can now be ensured that you have natural-looking hair with minimal scarring and recovery time, thus making it the best option for almost anyone.


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