Get some eye-wow with our Misencil eyelash extensions!

If you’re like us, and never feel completely dressed without at least a slick of mascara, then our eyelash extensions are for you. Expertly applied, they’ll only require touch-ups after around three weeks, leaving you with one less thing to do as part of your beauty regime each morning. Wake up looking effortlessly awake and wide-eyed every single day.

Proudly Canadian, Misencil lashes have been changing the face (and eyes) of beauty since 2006. Only licensed salons can use Misencil lashes and our fully trained therapists will talk you through the options to give you the exact lash-look you’re after. We can give you a subtle, every day looks, or go for full-on glamour with a full line of super thick lashes. We can even add Swarovski crystals, gems and glitter for serious eye-wow!

Misencil lashes come in a range of colors, lengths, and thicknesses. They also come as individual lashes or clusters of lashes. They’re pre-curled and once they’re applied, they’ll keep their gorgeous shape permanently. They’ve been developed with a microtexture which allows them to stay on for longer. Misencil royal mink lashes are a luxurious option and are as soft as fur. They’re synthetic, but feel super real and you won’t have to worry about allergies or them losing their shape in hot or damp weather.

Misencil eyelash adhesive is safe and durable and dries in seconds. Our therapists know the brand inside out and will use the right Misencil glue for your choice of lashes. They’ll also answer any questions you have about how to look after your lashes and keep them looking fabulous for weeks.

It doesn’t take much to keep Misencil lashes looking fab though and once you’ve tried them, you’ll never look back. They’ll last you up to six weeks, so book your appointment with us today for your most fabulous, red carpet ready, eyelashes!


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