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Even Though the trends of the current day in age fully endorse freckles as a natural beauty standard, bloggers and influencers jump on the bandwagon to create fake freckles on their face for temporary support. It’s completely different, however, for people who already have this now thought of ‘gift’ but want to remove them. People do start wondering if freckles are even safe for your skin? It is a skin condition, after all. But for some people freckles no matter how trendy, aren’t their cup of tea, especially when they’ve lived with them their entire life.

Gladly you have nothing to fear. Just like every superficial imperfection like skin tags, pigmentation, moles and dark spots, there’s a cure for everything. So here’s the answer to some of your concerns and questions if you’re considering removing your freckles.

Types of Anesthetics

If Anesthetics is your biggest concern going into procedures to remove your freckles, it rightfully should be. It’s one of the only parts of the process that makes it a whole lot surreal. Anesthetics are downright scary because of the fact that it numbs a body part that you’re used to feeling, it’s as close to paralysis as anything else. So doing your research beforehand is pretty self-explanatory. Usually, everything is very specific to you and the area you want to remove freckles from. Your doctor will probably guide you accordingly and give the best suggestion, after all. However, some of the most common anesthetics for laser removal include local and topical anesthetics. If you want to delve into the know-how of it all, EMLA 5% cream is often used with protective gear for patients’ eyes. On the other hand, the topical anesthetics used are commonly a combination of prilocaine and lidocaine creams, which naturally are used with protective eyeglasses as well.

Procedures for Freckle Removal

Don’t be fooled by the articles online that claim you have to go through some form of a scary surgery to get rid of freckles—oftentimes, it’s as simple as applying a cream to your face. Speaking of creams, Bleaching creams with the ingredient hydroquinone and kojic acid, is proven to help lighten freckles, of course, this won’t be an instant process and can take over a time period of months. For better protection and results, you can even combine it with your sunscreen.

Dermatologists usually recommend lasers as the most effective form of freckle removal. These lasers don’t always have to be precisely for freckle removal. A good photo facial can be just as relaxing for you as it is for your skin. Who would’ve thought a facial could help you remove freckles as well as rejuvenate your skin from pigmentation as well.
If you haven’t heard of chemical peels already, it’s time, you do some digging and try some out. These can really help lighten if not completely remove freckles. Another thing you can use with your bleaching creams is Retinoids. These can include tretinoin, tazarotene, and also adapalene.

Sometimes all these methods fail you too if you have excessive UV exposure. You read that correctly, this does mean the chances of your freckles reappearing are still not affected no matter which treatment method you use. It may not always be permanent.

Process of Freckle Removal

Every process is different depending on the route you take to a freckle free life. Lasers often have more precautions. These also need to be carried after a test patch has been done. Obviously, not all skin types are the same, so different skin types use various lasers and a variety of anesthetics that follow. The laser is done throughout the area of freckles with goggles on the patient’s eyes for safety. Consider it normal for the patient to feel mild pain during the process of laser removal. After the session is complete, the doctor may suggest some aftercare directions until the next session—like staying out of direct sunlight, etc.

Types of Freckles

Diverting your attention to the basic things to be noted. What are the different types of freckles? Now don’t jump to conclusions reading this; there’s no possible way for someone who isn’t a professional to recognize which type of freckles they have. So it’s impossible for you to try and conclude which ones you have. 


The two branches of freckles are the Ephelides and Solar lentigines. Ephelides are what are the ordinary ‘freckles’ that you see on a young teenager, whereas Solar lentigines are a mixture of aging spots, freckles, and even sunspots. These often result in patches of dull skin on older people. The branches expand even further to see the different causes of each type of freckles. 


Results of Freckle Removal?

Given that you had laser treatment about a week ago don’t panic if you start to see a little scabbing on your skin. These are known as erythema and can also cause scaling of the skin. This, too, will get better day by day after getting worse, so don’t pick about it too much. After the period of the first week has passed, you can look in the mirror to closely observe the difference. You will start seeing the results, which would have turned your freckles much lighter. You can follow up with your doctor if you notice anything unusual (no peeling of your skin isn’t one of them). After about a month, you can notice about 90% of your freckles lightened or gone completely. 

What Makes a Good Candidate for Freckle Removal and Benefits?

There isn’t anything that per se makes anyone a better candidate for freckle removal treatment than the other. Melanin production is completely an involuntary act, and everyone has the right to have their freckles removed as they please.  Any freckles that you find unappealing on yourself makes you a candidate fit for removal. The only hurdle, however, is the possibility of a return of these freckles. 

Now, if all your questions and concerns were answered, it’s time to take a deep breath and go consult your doctor. The more you find yourself lurking around to find a disadvantage means you’re not completely sure you want to go through the procedure of getting them removed. For that, there are always alternatives. So it’s a win-win for you no matter which path you choose to take.

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