Fractional laser treatments for your most amazing skin!

As we age, our skin inevitably becomes less toned and wrinkles start to form. It happens to all of us. But that doesn’t mean that we have to put up with this unavoidable aspect of the aging process!

With fractional laser, we can turn back the clock and give you that plump, youthful, fresh look that you used to have. Your skin will be rejuvenated and the texture and tone will be enhanced. Fine lines, mild wrinkles, and areas of pigmentation will all be improved.

What is fractional laser?

Fractional laser is a ‘non-ablative’ laser skin treatment. Non-ablative laser treatments work by heating up the underlying layers of skin tissue to treat skin damaged by not only aging but sun damage and the effects of stress, pollution and lack of sleep.

Conversely, an ablative’ laser treatment uses the laser to remove the top few layers of skin. It’s generally more invasive and requires a couple of weeks off work to recover. Although after an ablative laser treatment, the skin will ooze and scab, it has a dramatic, immediate effect on deeper wrinkles and scarring.

What’s the recovery time for the fractional laser?

Non-ablative fractional laser is different. You’ll experience no oozing or scabbing and you’ll be able to go straight back to your normal daily routine afterward. Although we would certainly say yes to an afternoon of relaxation afterward if you fancy it! You’ll have some mild swelling and redness but nothing dramatic.

Fractional laser treatments target damaged areas of skin directly, leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. This allows for quicker recovery time. It encourages new skin cells to grow, removes dead skin cells and tightens the layers of skin. It boosts the production of collagen, causing the skin to plumper, filling the hollows and tightening up the sagging that can form over time.

You’ll notice the effects straight away. Your skin will be brighter, softer and smoother. Your skin will also improve over time as it continues to rejuvenate, and it will improve even more with each treatment. Our expert therapists will advise how many treatments you’ll need, depending on your skin tone and texture, to begin with.

What does it feel like?

Your therapist will pass a laser head over the treatment area, and you’ll feel a mild prickling or slight burning during the session that will last around half an hour. We use an anesthetic cream beforehand to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

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