• Diamond Microdermabrasion (20min)


    Credit/points: 76

  • Intensive Hydration Facial (90min)


    Credit/points: 136

  • Luxurious Lifting Botox Facial (90min)


    Credit/points: 192

  • Intensive Whitening Facial (90min)


    Credit/points: 220

  • Luxurious Lifting Botox Facial(90min)


    Credit/points: 360

  • Light Therapy (20min)


    Credit/points: 76

  • GM Chemical Peel


    Credit/points: 200

  • GM Collin signature bota


    Credit/points: 360

  • Treatment or collagen Treatment


    Credit/points: 00

  • Foundation Treatment


    Credit/points: 400

  • LED Light


    Credit/points: 96


Make a beeline for Toe Body Facial has landed in Markham, Ontario, giving you flawless skin through and through! Conveying you occasion prepared skin immediately, this extreme body facial treats each conceivable skin issue, making you look picture-culminate! Developed from the body medications Victoria Secret models do before they hit the runway, the Head to Toe Facial is intended to give you smooth, delicate and glistening skin from your neck to your toes! Indeed, even your hands and your feet get an astounding restoration!

A most loved for ladies, Head to Toe Facial is a definitive body facial that treats each and every body skin concern – from pigmentation, to tanning, to spots, to bluntness, to marks and even harsh surface! No body skin concern is left unturned. Indeed, it can even dispose of ingrown hairs! The best part about this treatment is that lone 1 session is required. Each lady of the hour has no time before the wedding, so a solitary treatment that can cure your body worries in 1 go is constantly enchantment for any lady.

Known as the best body facial for ladies, Head to Toe Facial is really a shelter for any young woman before her huge day.

How Can it Work?

This astonishing through and through treatment is done all in all body starting from the neck. It basically utilizes 4 diverse dermatological advances to get your skin looking smooth, brilliant and tight in a flash! Initially, we dermo-shed the skin down to the every single follicle utilizing our American profound pore machine, bringing about a smooth, even and delicate surface. At that point, to dispose of those bothersome imperfections, we apply moment lighting up medi-medications. Next, we utilize miniaturized scale Light technology, where we bathe the skin in collagen and fibroblast invigorating light, successfully making things the same as before. At last, we envelope the skin in a supplement rich crème, which absorbs the skin vitamins and dampness. At last, this 360-degree approach annihilates almost every worry! Taking a shot at tan, staining, marks, pimples, warm impulsive, harsh or rough skin and then some, the Head-to-Toe has a durable outcome, giving you a more youthful, fresher and brighter body! Results will last from 3 months to try and up to a year!

So book your Head to Toe Facial at this point! As of now sought after and secured by various distributions including Asian Age, Plan Your Wedding and the sky is the limit from there, Head to Toe Facial is genuinely the best facial for the body in Markham, Ontario.

As Lumiere Dermatology is known as the best in wedding excellence, we likewise have a great deal of marriage bundle choices for your skin that can be altered to your skin needs. Book your arrangement now and figure out how you can search perfect for your wedding, as well as for your marriage!