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Classic eyelash extension is the traditional 1:1 eyelash extension technique



This course is designed for those that are new to the eyelash extensions industry and have no previous experience. Here we teach you everything you need to know to begin your lash career. It is so important that new technicians learn the most up to date techniques, and use only the best lash products. An excellent start to your lash career will allow you to advance quickly and start to build a successful business​



This course is designed for those that want to push themselves and learn the latest technique to take the world by storm. The use of multiple,ultra fine extensions applied to one natural lash, allows us to safely create thick and full looking lashes on even the sparsest of natural lashes.Extend your eyelash menu and offer bespoke effects for every client. This course is suitable for competent lash technicians

Course Contents:

2.Contraindications & Contra-actions
3 Client consultation and patch testing
4 Growth cycles and lash sheds
5 Client expectations and how to meet them
6 Types of natural lashes – weak, healthy, strong – and assessing which type of lashes your clients have
7 How to assess the correct length, curl and thickness for the client
8 The science behind your products – this is paramount for getting good retention
9 The different curls you can use
10 The different thickness of extensions
11 2-8D Fan techniques
12 The ideal Fan technique
13. Adherive dipping
14 Working with glue ring vs jade stone
15. Sharpening of tweezers
16 The different lengths of extensions
17 Lash direction, correctional work, creating uniformity and direction
18 How to lash map
19 Fan practice
20 Bridging
21 Capping
22 Stacking
25 How to crystallize your fan base
26 Speed Lashing
27 How to isolate faster
28 Creating symmetry between the eyes
29 Applying a full set of lashes
30 Infill procedure
     -How to peel the lashes off

     -Full Removal

     -Why we don’t infill others work

31 Client aftercare

32 How to price your sets

MegaVolume extension is an advance eyelash extension technique which is also referred to as 5D, 10D, etc






*Ideal portfolio

*Volume set up and equipment

*Adhesive and humidity

*Volume tweezers

*How to hold your tweezers

*Silk or mink (best lash to use for volume)

*How to prepare your glue ring 

*How to work with thin lashes

*Mistakes in lash makers work and how to correct it.

*How to sharpen tweezers

*How to choose the right tweezers

*Learn how to use glue properly

*The perfect fans

*Different techniques

*Contact zones

*Wide fans vs closed fans

*Glue dipping your fans

*Fan practice

*How to increase speed

*Capping and Stacking


How to isolate faster

Proper stacking techniques to achieve a fuller look.

*How to cleanse

*live Demo working on model


*How to take the best photographs for your portfolio

Hybrid eyelash extension is a combination of Classic and Volume style.


  •  Product knowledge of Lash Perfect 
  • Russian products
    Lash Perfect Russian application techniques
    Lash styles, curls, thicknesses and lengths
    Combining different techniques
    Consultation practices
    Maintenance application
    Eyelash extension removal procedure
    Adhesive curing process
    Differences in techniques and styles
    Health and safety
    Aftercare advice/home care advice​



  • The course includes a big starter kit that allows you to perform over 80+ treatments
  • All products produced are of the highest standard in the lash industry
  • Accredited certification
  • Learn from one of the best Master in the lash industry
  • Learn the tips about how to successfully run your Eyelash business
  • Review Course descriptions below for such information as outlines, topics of discussion, pricing and class schedules. Students are required to bring a Model to all classes.

  • These hands-on courses teach theoretical aspects as well as step by step hands-on techniques to prepare Students for the same day or next day assessment. Once course requirements are completed, Certification by Elite College is provided. Once Certified, we highly encourage graduates to practice 10+ applications in order to become proficient and to pick up on the speed and precision of your newly acquired skills.
  • Learn the tips about how to successfully run your eyelash business

Highest standard of education

Students receive hands on practical training applying lash extensions on a model under the supervision of a master level trainer. A valuable Student Kit is included in this course which allows a student to perform a minimum of 200 sets of eyelash extensions


  • You will receive a CERTIFICATE of completion for Eyelash lift and tint at the end of the course.


Bring a friend along to have a 2-on-1 training session and receive $50 discount per student.

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