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In today’s age of re-inventing yourself, enhancing oneself is no big deal. As we see it, if the celebrities are doing it and promoting, then there is no harm in trying it out for ourselves.

In fact, enhancing our features even if it’s just a little eyebrow tint or tattooed lipstick gives even the most confident of women a self-esteem boost. And one thing that has been the epitome of femininity and grace for centuries is long wispy eyelashes. To this day, women go crazy over long lashes and put layer upon layer of mascara to achieve results even if that means being incredibly uncomfortable with heavy and crusty lashes.

So if anyone who is even the slightest bit insecure about their lashes finds out that there is a quick fix through which all your lash troubles can go away they would jump at the opportunity. If this means that your life long journey of looking for the perfect mascara comes to an end then all hail Eyelash extensions! Am I right?

What are Eyelash Extensions?

As we know it, Eyelash extensions are a way to achieve long beautiful lashes without the need for mascara or fake lashes. The best part is that it is semi-permanent. This means that this will last you 2-3 weeks depending on the level of your shedding. 

So how are these applied? Eyelash extensions are basically synthetic fiber strands that are attached between your existing lashes with glue by a highly trained professional. Sounds a little scary right?

Well, there is nothing to worry about this method is completely safe. These lashes are claimed to be water-resistant, weightless, and comfortable, and you always have the option to remove it if you are not happy with it. So if you are insecure about your lashes or just want to try the procedure in general, you should go for it. Read up on the best eyelash extensions brands. 

Here are all the things you might need to know before you get into it.

Planning for This Procedure

When planning for this procedure, you need to know a few essential things to help you avoid any inconveniences at the occasion of the appointment.

First things first come to the appointment freshly showered and with a clean face and eyes. I know this might seem obvious, but it’s important to know and remember.

You must also stop wearing mascara at least 3 days before the appointment. This is to ensure your lashes are impeccably clean for your procedure and if you were waterproof mascara this step is crucial. 

Please also take note that if you wear contacts, remember to remove them and wear glasses to your appointment. This is to avoid any discomfort during the procedure.

Lastly but definitely a vital step is to tint your lashes if you do, 2-3 days prior to the service. This is because the chemical from the lash tint causes the glue to bond improperly with the lashes and may reduce the life of your lash extension. And nobody wants to spend a noticeable amount and not get the desired results.

What Can I Expect Regarding Results For Eyelash?

The results for an eyelash extension procedure is different for everyone, but there are a few things you can expect to see after you get eyelash extensions. 

You can definitely expect to see fuller, more voluminous lashes that will last you at least 1-2 weeks without the need of any mascara. The best part about these is that they will be water-resistant.

On top of all that you can put that mascara in the depths of your makeup collection since you won’t feel the need to use it.

This means you will also save valuable time from your morning routine to get ready.

Eyelash Aftercare & Maintenance

After you are done with your eyelash extension appointment, don’t think that that’s it. Yes, this may seem like bittersweet now but think of it this way the more you care for something, the longer it will last. So to extend the life of your lash extensions here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to reward your lashes.

 Some of these things might seem unusual, but in order to extend the life of your lashes, you must follow these like a sheep after your appointment. Firstly brush your lashes daily this will help them sit just right and look absolutely perfect. You must also wash them daily to avoid any dust or debris getting caught in it. 

You can cleanse your lashes with oil-free makeup remover and if you really need to use mascara, use a washable one.

Things to Avoid When It To Care For Eyelashes.

Initially, the only rule that you need to remember is not to touch them at any cost. Don’t fidget with them, Don’t wash them and most importantly keep any eyelash products like mascara or makeup removers away from your lashes. This step is important for the first 4-8 hours. 

You should also try to avoid any eyelash curlers or heat, but I mean after your amazing and satisfying lash extension procedure you don’t even need it. Just take caution though, sometimes we do mindless things.

You must also avoid any chemical peels or face masks that contain heavy-duty chemicals. This will definitely mess with your lash adhesive and might make them come off.

All these tips will help you with your lash extension appointments. Trust them, and you’re pretty much set. Obviously, you will get wiser and gain more knowledge along the way but if this is your first or second attempt this will be your guide to a perfect experience. And your lash technician will also thank you. Remember if he or she is happy, they might even give you a discount.


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