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Laser & Botox Clinic

Paradise Laser & Botox Clinic is built on the premise that each patient deserves honest, expert counsel & exceptional, natural looking results in facial cosmetic surgery. We specialize upon treatment that rejuvenate your skin and face. we are able to provide care to our patients.

Your Journey Starts Here

Your first step to a new and improved you is to schedule a consultation with our beauty team here at paradise laser and botox clinic.  

We want to understand your vision, your needs, our artist will then product a natural looking beautiful result.


Facials are a common occurrence for many skincare lovers. Whether you’re on the hunt for solving hyper-pigmentation, acne or would like your skin rejuvenated, there are options out there for every skin problem

Microblading | eyelash extension

Enhance your self-expression with the best eyelash extensions. Microblading youreye brows that help scratch and deposit pigment simultaneously under your skin. 


Here at the Paradise Laser & Botox spa, you can expect great and natural looking results. We rejuvenate your skin, roll  the back clock by removing signs of aging and contour your body to your vision. 

With fourteen years experience, we offer services for everyone’s beauty needs.