Pigmentation Removal


Remove Unwanted Pigmentation

Do you have undesirable pigmentation, dark colored spots or age spots on your skin? ParadiseLaserBotox Spa has various specific lasers that treat freckles and pigmentation. Known as the specialists in spot and pigmentation removal, ParadiseLaserBotox Spa utilizes trusted therapeutic review lasers that successfully treat the pigmentation to expel it for all time after treatments.

Who is this treatment reasonable for?

Anybody with freckles + pigmentation noticeable all over and body. This treatment is reasonable for ladies and men of all ages.

How can it function?

Our laser light’s retain the shade in freckles or age spots, without hurting the encompassing tissue, this is the means by which the spot + pigmentation is expelled.

What would it be a good idea for me to expect after my treatment?

Customers may have changing outcomes. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your adviser to take in more.

What number of treatments will I require?

The quantity of treatments you require may fluctuate, contingent on the measure of your freckles + pigmentation. It is regular to require 2-3 treatments to clear most freckles + pigmentation.

Is the pigmentation removal treatment agonizing?

A few patients report feeling a slight stinging sensation amid their pigmentation removal treatment took after by some redness which as a rule settles in 2-4 hours.